суббота, апреля 19, 2014

Wine 1.7.17

Вышел очередной экспериментальный выпуск открытой реализации Win32 API - Wine 1.7.17. С момента выпуска версии 1.7.16 было закрыто 89 отчётов об ошибках.

Наиболее важные изменения:
  • Улучшена реализация планировщика запуска задач по расписанию (Task Scheduler);
  • За счёт совместного использования исходных файлов улучшена совместимость компонентов C runtime;
  • Налажена поддержка джойстика в OS X;
  • Закрыты отчёты об ошибках, связанные с работой игр и приложений: Ogre3D, Counter-Strike 1.6, Team Fortress 2, Little Fighter 2, Half-Life 2, Tropico 3, Artweaver, Microsoft Money 2003, Age of Empires, Mafia 2, Launch Battlefield 2, FutureTax 2010-2012, Brink, Astral Masters 1.9, Magicka, UK Truck Simulator, Borderlands 2, Oblivion.    

Bugs fixed in 1.7.17 (total 89):

   5454  Ogre3D based game doesn't render 3d objects in D3D7 mode
   6058  Counter-Strike 1.6 freezes before loggin onto a server
   6716  Database box is not correctly renewed in IDOS
  10686  Marangatu fails with "Object doesn't support this action"
  12327  Team Fortress 2 freezes when starting playin
  12768  gdi32: metafile.ok fails in a virtual desktop
  13869  Splinter Cell Demo (2): Shadow polygon offset errors
  14176  Little Fighter 2 (LF2) crashes with the error message "Couldn't create art surface."
  14394  Team Fortress 2 crashes and locks up randomly
  14730  winecfg: adjusted drive mapping lost
  15162  Team Fortress 2 unstable - random 3d related crashes
  19968  Half-Life 2: crashes when launching
  20542  Tropico 3 demo - no lights on textures
  20785  Artweaver 1.x properties tool window fails to re-dock
  21432  Mounted ISO is not recognized when wine is run from the source tree
  21536  Multiple games need 'HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management' 'PagingFiles' registry key (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Guitar Hero III)
  21770  Keyboard doesn't work in games launched from Steam when using virtual desktop
  22492  Microsoft Money 2003 - Tools menu not displayed
  23140  Steam: can't create 'new folder' when backing up a game
  23330  Age of Empires: Install bar with missing percentage and flashing
  23359  Key input crashes newer source engine games
  23413  Steam Reports Inaccurate Transfer Speeds
  23964  Mafia 2 demo (Steam) crashes after logo screen
  24006  Shadow Vault freezes at startup
  24616  Launch Battlefield 2 (installed as Steam application) : BF2 crashes immediately
  24682  Steam overlay is closing when pressing any key
  25092  Tropico 3 demo - no sea water with scene resolution=high
  25256  Source based games won't start (Team Fortress 2)
  25311  Swiss Manager (2000/11/21 build: hangs when exporting tournament results
  25561  Setting watches (hw breakpoints) in debuggers can generate unhandled floating point stack check exceptions
  25824  comdlg32:findlg test times out when run under clang
  26154  Counter-Strike: Source: models and weapons are invisible
  26182  Half-Life and Team Fortress Classic (Steam) freeze when trying to create a local game or join a server
  26341  FutureTax 2010-2012 crashes on startup, reporting 'unsupported operation error'
  26713  Team Fortress 2 (Steam) crashes in the menu
  27191  Brink: hangs without native msvcr90
  27501  atlas.ti fails open any project file due to lack in ole32 implementation
  28068  bwin.com app fails to start
  28223  kernel32:debugger fails on Windows 7
  28231  Black Dog Cribbage fails to start
  28316  kernel32/debugger.ok: exit status of debugger is sometimes 0 when it should be STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
  28384  Copy to clipboard not working in EMS SQL Manager
  28580  Acclaim Re-Volt: crashes before getting into race
  29050  Astral Masters 1.9 refuses to start: 'Failed to init D3D8 object!'
  29136  Sins of a Solar Empire (Stardock.com/Steam) does not activate
  29409  Team Fortress 2 (Steam): can't select player class or change team using mouse
  29645  PCSX2: Software renderer crashes on initialisation when using more than 1 thread
  29991  Skyrim needs more video memory
  30126  Matrix Games - Distant Worlds fails on startup (GdipDrawEllipse fails to draw ellipse without HDC)
  30247  Adobe Connect add-in displays a blank screen
  30276  Steam installer crashes after clicking first Next button
  30347  Wine can't handle ® symbol in file "Chessmaster® Grandmaster Edition Manual.pdf"
  30384  Add support for network connectivity checks using Network List Manager (NLM) API (Vista+)
  30419  Team Fortress 2 crash - "failed to lock vertex buffer in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer"
  30914  Osu! Doesn't start
  31070  Sid Meier's Pirates! (Steam) crashes on startup
  31359  Magicka (steam) fails to run with "renderTargetIndex" error
  31799  Monkey Island Special Edition (Steam): "MISE.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to be closed" (XAudio2 not installed)
  31891  Radeon HD6670 detected as 3200
  32275  UK Truck Simulator Demo does not start
  32887  EVE Online in game browser crashes
  33322  QQ crashes on start
  33630  msmoney 2003 crashes when opening data file
  33980  Borderlands 2 (Steam) fails to start
  34023  IE8 remains in memory after being closed
  34269  CompareStringEx does not support NORM_LINGUISTIC_CASING
  34505  Oblivion elder scrolls wont run Installation
  34772  The screen of help opens in background. It is partially visible.
  35066  Battle.net desktop app installer instantly crashes
  35338  Multiple GOG.com installers complain about missing 'sdbinst.exe' at the end of installation (application compatibility database deployment tool)
  35401  Battle.net agent fails to update
  35444  Wayward Terran Frontier Open Alpha (.NET 4.0/XNA 4 game) reports 'Could not find a Direct3D device that supports the XNA Framework HiDef profile'
  35486  GTX 760 is Detected as an 8800GTX by D3D applications
  35582  Stealth World of Warcraft update makes 64-bit client crash 5-10 seconds after logging in
  35600  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Steam) crashes on startup
  35623  GetFileVersionInfoA / VerQueryValueA do not work properly under Wine, preventing verification of library versions
  35626  Patrician III: divide by zero exception scrolling the city view (side effect in user32.SubtractRect())
  35687  need for speed most wanted
  35863  ddraw tests sometimes fail to receive their messages
  35868  DXVA Checker 3.0.x (.NET 2.0 app) needs unimplemented function dxva2.dll.DXVA2CreateVideoService
  35906  MetaTrader 4 platforms crashes on startup
  35932  EvoSvc (Evolve Service, .NET 4.0 app) fails to register video codecs with Windows Media Player (missing 'HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Multimedia\\WMPlayer\\Extensions' registry key)
  35945  WM_NOTIFY (LVN_DELETEALLITEMS) message sent from owner-data list view being destroyed
  35947  winedbg crashes when running tests in gdb mode
  35965  secur32/{negotiate,ntlm} tests fail with samba/winbind 4
  35977  Exile: Escape from the pit crashes on startup
  35983  mz800 emulator hangs on start
  36006  msxml3/domdoc tests crash with WINEDEBUG=warn+heap
  36008  urlmon/uri tests crash with WINEDEBUG=warn+heap

пятница, апреля 18, 2014

JavaSE *7u55, 8u5* Update

Компания Oracle представила плановый апрельский выпуск обновлений своих продуктов с устранением уязвимостей.

В выпусках Java SE 7u55 и Java SE 8u5 (номер версии присвоен в соответствии с новой схемой нумерации выпусков) устранено 37 проблем с безопасностью. 36 уязвимостей могут быть эксплуатированы удалённо без проведения аутентификации. 4 уязвимостям присвоен максимальный уровень опасности (CVSS Score 10.0), подразумевающий возможность выхода за пределы изолированного окружения виртуальной машины и инициирования выполнения кода в системе при обработке специально оформленного контента. 6 проблем затрагивают не только клиентские, но и серверные системы.